When it comes to securitisations, many banks provide structuring services as a means of augmenting their underwriting income. This can often lead to deals being structured for the benefit of a salesforce rather than addressing the client's objectives. By working together with Creative Capital Partners, we can assemble your deal in a way that both meets your needs yet will be fully accepted by the investor community.

Structuring the best types of deals is by no means an art form but it does involve imagination. By using - and in some cases creating - the newest structuring techniques, Creative Capital Partners can bring together all that is best in analysis, law and, in the case of securitisation, rating theory.


Creative Capital Partners are unique in that we are absolutely independent. We are client driven and, most importantly, have no external shareholders to cross sell on behalf of.

Our skills are formed around a small number of core activities including structuring and advisory. Creative Capital Partners do not compete on deals in where we believe we can add little, or no, value. However, whilst Creative Capital Partners do not underwrite debt securities, our extensive knowledge of the ABS markets allow us to either work together with traditional debt underwriters or to find investors through club deals or private placements.


We believe that by allowing Creative Capital Partners to concentrate on structuring, banks can turn their attention to their traditional strengths of providing capital and liquidity. In this way the introduction of an independent arranger is complementary to mainstream banking and will not divorce a client from its traditional banking relationship.

Our partnership extends to remuneration where we are happy to, so called, 'invest' our fees in the deal for a pre-defined lock up period. This ensures that throughout the whole process both Creative Capital Partners and its clients interests are aligned.